Volkswagen Beetle Ambient Lighting Package

Volkswagen Beetle Ambient Lighting Package

Red, White, Blue or… simply off… Watch this cool video of this 2012 VW Bug at the D’Angelo Auto Sales and Leasing in Portland Oregon. This features allows the operator to select their choice of ambient lighting color of red, white or blue around the car. If you owned this Volkswagen Beetle what color would you select for the ambient lighting?

Porsche Electric Car Rivals Tesla

A glimpse of the Porsche Electric Car designed to rival Tesla is boasting incredible stats. For all of you car enthusiasts who are reading this, try not to pass out when you read these numbers. Zero to 60 in 3.5 seconds with over 600 horsepower with an all electric motor that can in a fraction of the time of current E cars with a range of 310 miles. Porsche as of yet, has only just debuted this electric supercar as a concept days ago at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show. With the speed that technology has been going, this is a Porsche that will be on the road to change the game sooner than we think. Check out the video of this new Porsche Electric Car Concept and let us know what you think in the comment section below!

Volkswagen Bus

volkswagen bus

Volkswagen Bus enthusiast have been speculating the remake of this famous model since VW debuted the Beetle nearly two decades ago. According to an article from and sources from Autocar the wait may be close to over. We know as true Volkswagen enthusiast and personal owners of a few of the classic Volkswagen bus models the anticipation is great. If the Volkswagen Bus does get a new debut, will you own one? Comment below!

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2012 Volkswagen CC Safety Ratings IIHS Top Safety Pick

2012 Volkswagen CC Safety Ratings IIHS Top Safety Pick

What is more important when choosing a vehicle than how it will perform when keeping you and your passengers safe in an accident. Now some would argue otherwise but in terms of choosing a car for its practicality over huge power or luxury, we will make a point to highlight the importance of living after a car wreck. Today after driving a 2012 Volkswagen CC the conversation was mostly about how solid the car felt for being such a sporty sedan, which lead us into how safe the car must be. This is a car that is packed with standard safety equipment including: stability program, front, rear and side airbags, ABS brakes, crumple zones, side intrusion beams and the list goes on. After clicking to the Institute for Highway Safety website it became more clear that the 2012 Volkswagen CC was highly regarded for its ability to keep the passengers safe in a catastrophic car accident. The 2012 Volkswagen CC Safety Ratings from the Institute for Highway Safety are the best in the game for the year giving the car the honor of the IIHS Top Safety Pick. If you are looking at getting or currently own a 2012 Volkswagen CC then you can feel even more confident in the abilities of the vehicles safety ability.

Audi Quattro Advantage

Audi Quattro Advantage – Markus and his buddies in Vienna, Austria show us how his Audi Quattro can dominate other systems. In this case we see how the Audi is far superior to a Mitsubishi pick up truck. Enjoy!

Portland Trail Blazers return home for Playoffs Game 3

NBA: Playoffs-Portland Trail Blazers at Houston Rockets

Portland, Oregon – We a week ago the “under dogs” in a playoff series that was to be a slam dunk for the Houston Rockets of our very own Rose Cities Blazers. After game one’s exciting overtime victory and a strong fourth quarter victory in game two, we welcome home to Portland the Trail Blazers who now stand in good position leading the playoff series 2 – 0 over the Rockets. If you have not been watching the playoffs now is the time to start. The entire Blazers team is playing incredible ball and we have to give Aldridge a tip of the hat for his back-to-back 40 plus point games. Start hashtagging #ripcity because we are anticipating another edge of the seat game tonight and you have better believe that the Moda Center downtown Portland will be loud as ever.

Volkswagen XL1: The Most Efficient Car in the World

Volkswagen XL1: The most efficient car in the world – This could be one of the most incredible vehicles that is on the brink of changing the world. The VW concept car that is coming a reality is rated over 200 miles per gallon and in some tests with ideal conditions, has shown off numbers as high as 300 mpg (at sea level on a flat stretch of highway for the duration of the test). It is exciting to think that this technology is out there and just around the corner. Watch this video tour of and review of the Volkswagen XL1 by Auto Express to get a feel of what the future of automotive efficiency will bring.

2008 Audi Q7 S-Line Adaptive Air Suspension DEMO

2008 Audi Q7 S-Line Adaptive Air Suspension DEMO – We recently were lucky enough to get some time with one of the hottest European sport utilities available. This Audi Q7 SUV in particular is especially loaded with the Prestige Package, Entertainment Package, Winter Package and S-Line Package. The adaptive air suspension is one of the more striking features on the Q7. Take a look at this video and see just how it works. Don’t forget to check the volume on your computer because the engine is pretty loud in this one!

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Volkswagen Golf R Wagon

This article about the Volkswagen Golf R Wagon just popped up on and if you want more pics VWVortex has a nice photo gallery for you. What is your opinion? Would you rock a wagon if it looked like this?

Volkswagen R has been saying lately that they plan to expand the R lineup across more models. The overall strategy seems to mirror Audi where there is a lower “R-Line” version and then a full “R” version. Rumors from the German press talk of an “RS” model as well in the future.

So it makes sense that VW would consider building a Golf R Variant/Wagon. Dipping into the parts bin from the Golf R is pretty straight forward and other than a custom rear valance for the Variant, the changes would be minimal. Caught testing at the Nurburgring this week is this supposed test mule of a possible Golf R Variant/Wagon. We can only hope that with Golf 7 production being in Mexico now, that we get something like this as well. Let us know what you think in the comments below and we’ll pass them along to Volkswagen of America.
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